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I own Carson as well so he obviously has higher value to me and i imagine nobody else will be rushing to pick him up barring Carson getting hurt in practice which would be my only concern. Thinking of dropping for a lotto and just grabbing again next week. Worth the risk? D. Johnson or Gus Edwards were the lotto guys I was considering grabbing over him. Take one or stay put?


10 team half ppr


Qb- Brissett

Rb- Cook

Rb- Carson

Wr- Cupp


Wr- Boyd

Te- Olsen

Flex- J White

K- Slye

D- Titans


Bench- Mattison, Penny, R Jones, McLaurin, Gallup, Robby Anderson, Herndon 


IR- H henry 

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Speaking as someone who owned Barkley without having Gallman, I'd say that's a bad idea.  Especially when, as good as he can look, Carson still has a fumbling history and something of a spotty health history.  And I certainly wouldn't drop him for either of the guys you're considering.

Thanks for mine!

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I'd stay put as well. Penny is a better handcuff than Gus Edwards or Duke Johnson. I don't think Carson will lose out to Penny but Carroll is known to do crazy things at times so protect your investment in Carson unless theres something better in your free agent pool.

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Keep him , I snatched up Penny soon as someone dropped him. Have Carson also, it’s a mandatory cuff . Another league I have him by himself. If Chris were to ever miss time , this kid would be looking at 25 touches a game, in this backfield thats fantasy gold . I just don’t think he’s that talented of a back, but who cares . 

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