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2 Openings in 2 Separate Leagues

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I have two long-time Keeper leagues that each have a need for 1 replacement owner. Both are ESPN and are drafting live on Sunday, October 13. Also, both leagues feature Draft Pick Trading and they also utilize the Consolation playoffs (post-season for non-playoff teams) to decide which team will get the #1 pick in the next draft. It keeps things interesting and gives everybody something to play for in the post-season. To make our drafts interesting and realistic, we do not allow the free agent pickups of incoming rookies until AFTER the draft, which preserves the top college player as a possible #1 pick, unless the owner wants to pick the best available veteran. Neither of these is a money league...sorry...

One vacancy is in our H2H Each Category league called "Round Mounds of Rebound." That team is Magic to DRJ and it has the #3 pick in the upcoming draft:


The other vacancy is in our H2H All Category league called "Alley Oopers." That team is Iowa Hawkeyes, who interestingly have the #1 pick (Zion Williamson???) in the upcoming draft:


If you are interested, please leave your email address below and identify which team you want. First-come served.

The Commish 

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