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MNF: Browns @ 49ers - What do you need?


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Up 17.5 points in .5 PPR. I have Kittle, he has OBJ. Anything can happen in fantasy football. Ill count my points when the time clock hits 0 in the 4th.


Edit - Thank you Pats D and Aaron Jones for bailing out Julio and Keenan!

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Down 32.65 in standard with just Odell left to go. Not feeling too great about it but crazier things have happened.

Faced CMC, Dak and Thielen in this matchup. The only reason I even have a small possibility is I started Russell, Amari and Eagles defense.

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Technically have 6 matchups with MNF players left to play, but Deebo getting less than 10 in half-PPR is the only really close one.

Deebo to get less than 10 (half-PPR)
Deebo to get less than 1 (half-PPR)
Chubb to get less than 30 (half-PPR)
OBJ to beat Chubb by 23 (half-PPR)
OBJ to get more than 72 (half-PPR)

Pettis and Breida to get less than 145 (half-PPR with bonuses, but still nearly impossible. Fuller got 53 this week for reference)


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