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MNF: Browns @ 49ers - What do you need?


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2 hours ago, shakestreet said:

I agree the cushion is large, but in the league TDs are worth 6 pts. Over 200 yards get you 10 bonus points. 
Smart a$$*$ really need to see some numbers so just for you so I will give you a fact finding tour maybe just maybe you can understand but I damn doubt it because ... 

Michael Thomas yesterday had 182 yards 2 TDs which is worth 46.20 pts so there is a chance highly unlikely but still a chance. 
Jimmy G & Baker Mayfield need to light up the scoreboard with TDs to those two.

Have a sparkling night. 


lol it is possible I was just being a smart a** as it is extremely unlikely.

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3 minutes ago, fatbob166 said:

Chubb and OBJ to score less than 13 points combined 😂😂


Good luck... I am thinking it's going to be a lower scoring game though that San Fran defense has looked really good so far this year and coming off of a bye week maybe they pitch a shutout?

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