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Michael Porter, Jr. 2019-2020 Outlook

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The best thing to happen to this guy is not get drafted by the Knicks. Knicks have no clue how to develop young players. The careers of Knox, Ntilikina, MitchRob and now Barrett will just head st

Yes, that is called getting way ahead of yourself. If Porter did that he would be a top 5 pick. 

He wast must add a week ago. Don't walk, don't run, TELEPORT

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3 minutes ago, ShopHeirlooms said:

Awww man, I have to win this week, I have to drop him smh. His back goes right when he's taking off, wow.

drop? Why? Should be a full slate of games tonight. I don’t recommend dropping 

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21 minutes ago, DemOrioles said:

Here we go.  Finally has a good stretch and his vag hurts.  There is NO athlete more soft than an NBA player.

Hockey players make these guys look like absolute chumps.

You do realize he's had TWO back surgery, right? Those are no joke. Gotta love keyboard tough guys. 

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3 minutes ago, Ray Barboni said:

drop? Why? Should be a full slate of games tonight. I don’t recommend dropping 

I play in a points league and injuries have crippled me all season, I have Steph in my IR and RJ Barrett on my bench, I'm an idiot and a Knick fan, I can't drop RJ, and I can't drop Miles Bridges because I'm afraid he's going to be top 100 post ASB, and THJ plays tomorrow. Hanging on to an injured MPJ, I just can't do it. Not after Big KAT, Beal, DRuss, Jrue last week. His back is what landed him in Denver, they're going to take every precaution (rightfully so) to make sure he doesn't re-injure it, imo. I have injured player PTSD.

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Just now, Ryansm11 said:

I think Denver is just taking it easy on him (load management) if this extends into a few games I’d be concerned, but I’m willing to get he’s out there next game. 

Well fwiw that rotoworld writer fully expects this to be just 1 game for precaution.

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43 minutes ago, ComeOnAndSlam said:

For what it's worth his back surgeries have been for his lower back.  Apparently this 'back tightness' was in his upper back.

in before he goes for upper spine surgery.

Yep, that's what i read on twitter. Makes me happy. Hopefully he'll play on friday.


Good Guy MPJr

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