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Monday Night Football: Cleveland Browns @ San Francisco 49ers - Gameday Thread

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yeah. that's Breida's official (sponsored by Pepsi) Limp Off Injury of the First Half. He'll be back. nbd. 

OBJ misses Eli.

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2 minutes ago, yanksman said:

Kittle is gonna be worthless all year with this defense and running game. 

2 TD’s called back, 1 TD where defender made a great play. 

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No, I don’t own Mayfield and that INT has zero effect on me fantasy-wise.

That said, they need to come up with a way of crediting turnovers like that to the WR. The pass was on target, should’ve been a TD. It should be a drop/turnover on Callaway. Isn’t the idea to credit the turnover to the player responsible? It seems like an obvious statistical flaw to me when QBs get dinged for INTs that are completely the fault of the WR. Whoever decides what is and isn’t a “drop” could make the determination as to when the turnover should be on the WR. It seems very simple and much more accurate.

Technically, the pass wasn’t really even “intercepted”. The ball made it cleanly to the intended target. 


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1 minute ago, MrPositive said:


Simply total insanity she is 55 years old

But I like that

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Just now, HOF12 said:

So funny how they’re hyping up this niners team so much. 

Can’t wait till the packers play them in week 12. 🙏🏽

i'm starting to think they might be legitimately good. maybe not "4-0 good" but still a good team that can hang with other good teams. Not sure the pack are gonna beat them quite like you think they might. 

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