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Am I giving up too much?

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Thinking of offering either Boyd, Christian Kirk, and Walker for ertz or thielen and walker for ertz.

im only doing this because my wide receivers consist of Adams, tyreek, thielen, Boyd, Kirk, and crowder.

its ppr we play 2 wide receivers and a flex.

leave a link and I’ll help too :)

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1 minute ago, NyZD said:

For sure. 

Giving: Boyd, Kirk, and Delanie walker. 

Receiving: Zach ertz 


Giving: Adam thielen, walker

receiving: Zach ertz 

which trade is the better one to make and am I giving up too much?


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7 hours ago, jpark211 said:

Think the answer is giving up too little lol

I think you'd have to give up a solid high end WR2 (like Edelman) plus Waller for Ertz




Boyd is a solid high end WR2. Maybe even borderline WR1.

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6 minutes ago, jpark211 said:


I doubt he has a stable weekly production... dalton's o-line is garbage....


He already has a stable weekly production.. He's averaging 10+ targets a game.

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Just now, jpark211 said:

Maybe im just biased on the Monday night game two weeks ago but boy did he struggle... 


Yeah it was bad, but it was also just a bad game for the Bengals. Boyd is basically a poor mans Keenan Allen.

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