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0-5 Record, Gurley for Gallup & Montgomery?? WHIR 100%

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16 minutes ago, urbank07 said:

12 team, 0.5 ppr, WHIR


Give: Gurley

Get: Gallup, Montgomery

My RBs Freeman, Coleman

My WRs Metcalf, Marquise Brown, Mike Williams, DJax, AJ Green

Do I make this trade? Will Help in Return!

What's the rest of your team look like?  Like who was your first round pick?

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No you can't do that if you are desperate for a win because David Montgomery is on bye this week.  Not sure how that helps you.


I think you have be more strategic about when you make a trade in this position.  It absolutely needs to help you win now or it's pointless given you are 0-5 and need every win you can get moving forward.  In other words, you should be able to ride Gurley until the Rams bye week and then move him to a team not desperate for a win and can afford to take on an extra bye week.  Ideally, you would get a player who already went through bye to make this work.


If you are going to make this move, I'd aim higher.  Gurley's name value is still sufficient to get a better haul than this.  I'm only moving Gurley if it imminently increases my odds of winning now.  I don't think you can say this trade does when Montgomery is on bye and I think I'd rather start Gurley than Gallup this week.

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I agree with huskydawg - I'm sure that's not the best you can get for Gurley.  Try shopping him around a little - if other members of your league know he's available, you might benefit from starting a bidding war.

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