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Tyler Herro 2019-2020 Outlook

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8 hours ago, Trench Mob said:


Having ankle issues over the years does not translate 'bum' lol. He's Mr. 30-11. Plus he's finally in game shape again and ready to give his services.

What does Waiters do good tho?

Doesn't shoot much above 40%, have good ft numbers, doesn't rebound or assist, doesn't block, can't shoot 3s...

That's pretty bummy IMO

Anyways you'd think Miami would be wanting to showcase their youth this year.

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They're both humans of similar complexion.

Hmm yea if you missed on Mitchell you might not be the best guy to listen to here😂 I'm sure you're a nice guy tho👍

This kid is a special shooter... off the dribble, off screens, catch and shoot.. special.. not just good, GREAT. Mitchell is nowhere near the shooter this kid is. Mitchell is obviously the better athl

14 hours ago, pushaZ said:

Anyways you'd think Miami would be wanting to showcase their youth this year.


Eh, I know he's not good lol. But I gotta defend my players.


I think everyone knows what we have. Average to below average role players.

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Just now, LuSamSiam said:

Watching this game. Herro is unreal. That release is lightning fast and it's bottom of the net every time.


1 to 2 more years when the Heat get some more actual players, he's our savior. A can feel another title in my veins!


in my veins!

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9 minutes ago, x2tweaker said:

What round is he going in everyones 12 man leagues so far? I have my draft in 50 minutes and thinking of reaching for him round 9/10

not drafted and still available in the free agent pool. I want him but I have no one to cut for him.  

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