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Hey guys, I’m in a 12team ppr league currently 3-2 in 4th.  I need to make some power moves here.


Current team


D.Cook, Bell, Carson, Hyde, Singletary

OBJ, Woods, Chark, Goodwin, J. Brown

Kittle, Herndon

GB, Buf


trying make some 2 for 1 trades or dump off the players I don’t really play week 2 week.  
I need a solid WR1.

Trades I’m working on:

1.  Obj/bell for cmc

2.  Carson/obj for Thomas/D.Montgomery

3.  Obj for Aaron Jones(probably wont get it)
4.  Obj/winston for mahomes/thielen (maybe)


Help a brother out! Can add the teams if needed!

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I like the CMC deal the best. Not sure the guy will accept. After that, I do not like #2 at all. Keep Carson & OBJ over Monty + Thomas. Thomas is better, but not worth it. OBJ will improve. Even though browns suck right now. So #3 & 4 are fine but stay put with OBJ if possible. I like your team. 


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