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#1 WR and #1 RB Trade WHIR

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Standard Scoring with the following starting roster:

QB: Wentz


RB: Mack

WR: Godwin

WR: Ridley

Flex: Montgomery

TE: Hockenson

BE: RoJo, Mattison, Samuel, Anderson, Ito 

I was offered: 

1) his Tyreek/Kupp + Zeke for my CMC (leaning towards Tyreek if I accepted).

2) his DJ for my Godwin, but I'm thinking of countering for his DJ + Hilton for my Godwin + Montgomery

Should I consider either of these or stay put with the #1 WR and #1 RB on my roster? 

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The first one is a no brainer, and I'd want Kupp over Tyreek. Kupp is a top 5 WR. He has arrived. You put OBJ in front of his stats and people are going crazy. The only reason we don't think of him as highly is because the sample size is smaller, but he was putting up these kind of numbers last year prior to injury. 



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#1: I like Zeke & Tyreek, but cant blame you for taking Kupp. He is healthy & Goff will continue to target him probably 10 times a game. 

#2: I like the DJ & TY for Godwin & Montgomery deal, but make sure you get Chase, should DJ miss a game or more. And if you pass & stick with Godwin, that's a good decision as well. Thanks for mine!

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That’s actually a pretty tough decision, CMC is on another level. I don’t think it’s a slam dunk necessarily. I’d do the deal though because it’s excellent value. Coin toss on Kupp vs Tyreek, If you need a win this week I’d go Kupp, if not I’d go Tyreek.


id probably just stay out with Godwin but that’s also a fair deal.



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Aye.  I think the first trade is good for you.  Spreading your talent out across two positions is smart.  I'd go with Kupp over Tyreek no doubt tho.  We havent seen consistancy from any KC player yet which concerns me that Mahomes is gonna spread the wealth.

The second trade is just swapping talent to a different position.  That is if we are talking david johnson.  I think I'd rather keep the WR talent on your team and I think Godwin is for real.


Thabks for mine.  Mighty nice of you to stop by and leave a response.

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Because it's standard scoring, I can see the first deal.  I actually think I like Kupp more.  He's certainly doing an efficient job of making Robert Woods useless.

Thanks for mine!

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