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Collin Sexton 2019-2020 Outlook

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On the week of Jan 13th-19th i played collin sexton and he outscored harden . 

I agree with this, except the opposite is also true if not more so.  If you base any stat projection, especially FG%, on post ASB stats you're gonna have a very bad time, and possibly a worse time.  B

For stocks, I think this is just who he is.  He wasn't a stocks guy in college.  Now assists I think have the potential to go up to around 4 even with Garland there because I think I read somewhere Se

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5 hours ago, Jackdean33 said:

Hopefully Drummond doesn’t ruin this guy. 

Already looked like Drummond was stopping his iso scoring and demanding the ball play after play, 1st game in. 


Also Sexton was in foul trouble and shot inefficiently, hence the average line.

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4 hours ago, dfstout said:

Yeah never understood the hate,especially in pts leagues....kids legit...Im rootin for him...


Shouldn't really be any hate for Sexton in points leagues.  The biggest knock on him is a lack of ancillary stats which caps his upside in CAT leagues.  He's been like a C.J. light, but there is value.  Love has not been overly assertive on offense this year, but it remains to be seen how Drummond will impact his production ROS.  

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Love the players who finish the season strong.  Wish my other guys would get the memo...

He's looking like the true leader of the Cavs.  Maybe the Cavs have a decent team next year with Garland/Sexton/Cedi/Love/Drummond and backups of Clarkson/Nance/Thompson(doubt he will re-sign though).  Good for a 6-8 seed I'd think.  Problem is the whole team can't defend. 

Been getting better every month, and improving his plus minus at that too.  He's not going to come cheap next year if he can maintain the 4 assists he got last month, maybe bump it to 5. 

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