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New York Giants @ New England Patriots 10/10/19


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Just now, Sternes said:

Was excited with LaCrosse out Gordon eliminated another target threat.  Was hoping he could pare it down to maybe 4 offensive players by playoff season to get a larger target share.  Guess that dream is gone.

Eh Flash was just a bad pick. It doesn’t matter who’s healthy or retired, he just doesn’t play the kind of football this team wants to play, and he’s never going to put up the fantasy points the way they use him (when healthy).

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Just now, pdog109 said:

Gordon going this entire season without a TD.

Never thought i would drop Mike Evans and Gordon during the same week when i drafted them this year.


I drafted Hopkins/Evans/Diggs and then Gordon/R. Anderson to cover byes and injuries. Feel free to laugh at me.

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1 minute ago, pdog109 said:


Dude he's been a giants hater since day one.

Remember the 2007 playoff run? Straight hating.

Joe Buck is a straight cuck.

YES!!! Good point. Absolutely awful

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