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New York Giants @ New England Patriots 10/10/19

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Incredible TD throw by Brady. How he threw it half a yard to a dude right in front of him is truly amazing. World class. MVP.

Pats D owner   <----------------------------  

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Just now, Zekepeak86 said:

Everyone keeps playing Gordon... You have better options. Lol guy has a string of good games 4 years ago


Even if he was washed up, his targets are bizarrely down.  Before the injury everyone with targets had more than him from this game.  Guys who can't get open were still getting balls tossed their way.  The fact he doesn't get looks doesn't make sense.

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11 minutes ago, Wyzzil said:

Anyone else here against the Pats D too just praying for a Giants TD in the 4th quarter in order to stand a chance? 

At this point, I just want the game to end so I still have a chance on Sunday.

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Just now, Tribe Called Questionable said:


I had mono was I was younger and missed 8th grade graduation. I was fine to play quarterback in the NFL a few weeks later with no rust.

8th grade, making out already huh. Stud!

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