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[WHIR] Elliott + Green + Moore vs. Bell + Godwin?

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Have a trade offer here: 

I give: Bell + Godwin

I receive: Elliott + Green + D.J. Moore 

My other RBs are Fournette and Barkley. Quite loaded. 

My other WRs are McLaurin, R. Anderson, Mike Williams, J. Gordon (injured)


I sure need WRs. Should I accept?

Option would also be to take maybe injured D.Adams instead of Green. Better?


I am really thinking that Bell gets it going this season. I don't know what is happening with Green. I am really unsure what to do.

Help is highly appreciated. Thanks

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I don't like what you are giving up.  We haven't seen the Zeke workhorse that we have in years past.  And Godwin seems to be the clear #1 on TB.  I'd argue your point that you need WR.  You are stronger at RB, but you aren't exactly hurting at WR.  Unless you have a losing record I'd stay where you are.  Help?



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It looks pretty even but personally, I don't think I would do it.  I like Bell better than Elliott and Godwin better than Adams (his injury has to be taken into consideration).  D.J. Moore is a decent bonus but I still think I would stay put.

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