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Eric Bledsoe 2019-2020 Outlook


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On 10/30/2019 at 11:21 PM, driss lol said:

someone was dumb enough to reject it when I offered Dinwiddie for Bledsoe, which I only did because I have 3 nets players.


On 12/1/2019 at 3:23 PM, driss lol said:

you hoes look stupid, you'd all lose to me !


You good bro? Even with Kyrie Injured, Dinwiddie is 19th round for the last month LOL. Bledsoe is 2nd round in 22 minutes. 

For the year:

Bledsoe: 7th round with a slow start.

Dinwiddie: 11th round with all the opportunity in the world.


Now imagine if Giannis was to go down. Please join my league for next year. We got a $100 buyin 😂


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47 minutes ago, mas10 said:

Frustrates the hell out of me when bledsoe doesn’t look for any kind of shot. Annoying as hell. He should be attempting atleast 12fg attempts a game. 


Welcome to the Bledshow... par for the course

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Do Not Draft List next year.. unless hes my 3rd guard.. dude just flat out coasts... he plays exceptionally well for 4-5 games then takes a vacation for the next 5 games... averages out to a very mediocre guard. never ever again..

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