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Jarrett Culver 2019-2020 Outlook

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Another overhyped waiver wire add bites the dust. Who will sabotage my team next week? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z

He's only getting better 

So you're gonna risk missing out on a season long impact maker for 1 game of a guy like Troy Brown?

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7 minutes ago, Trench Mob said:


* With a 3 point shot and minus the female hormones. 


( I still like you Jimmy  )


There are reports that he could play PG which would be interesting. 


Hope Culver doesn't screw KAT's missus like Butler did. 

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Another day another solid per-minute multi-cat line. Finding swiss-army knife SFs who get you near 1/1/1 in the last round or off the wire while also chipping in points/boards/dimes is really rare, this guy has a very fantasy friendly game considering how young he is. 

He's had a productive multi-cat line in every preseason game thus far. It's a matter of time before he surpasses Layman/Okogie, and I think at some point I can see Wiggins being moved to another team (if they're willing to take on that albatross contract), or even the bench as a sixth man scorer since he loves to hog and shoot. 

Culver can play 1-3 positions, so I think he's safe for 20-22 min right off the bat, that is enough to churn out some good high floor value given his propensity for stats, and then by half way through the year that role could easily grow to 25-27 minutes and starting. 

If he hit his threes today the line would look even better, but so far steals and dimes aplenty every game. 

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21 minutes ago, Trench Mob said:

No excuses why Okogie and Layman are going to eat into his PT while in all Wiggins does his brand of basketball. T'Wolves still don't want to win. 


I'm not too worried. It's preseason and the Bucks were the #1 defensive team last year. Wiggins is just a plain bad chucker, it's a matter of time before he replaces either he or Layman in the starting lineup. I'll stash and wait for some mid-high floor lines off my bench (with occasional duds), and we'll see if he gets a crack at starting mid way through November (as long as the bottom doesn't fall out before then).

He's better than Wiggins, Okogie, and Layman by quite a bit.

The takeaways for me is that he continues shooting 3's even if he's missing, that's what I want, once he gets that ironed out he'll start hitting and his lines will look even better.

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2 hours ago, JP_Grizzly said:

Time for a pick up?

He’s probably more a 2nd half player but if you have a deep bench, I’ll hold. His future is bright and once Minny gives up playoff chasing and starts developing, he’s a money ticket.

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1 minute ago, a-rob said:

for those who are watching the game, is he really the one playing PG and do you think he can take over the position long term?

There's been talk on Wolves forums about the possibility of him playing point for a long while, for even though he wasn't nominally drafted as a PG (for whom Wolves were looking, but missed out on Garland), he does have some of the necessary tools. As for the first Q, he been handling a fair bit of the ball today too, yeah.

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