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Jarrett Culver 2019-2020 Outlook

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Another overhyped waiver wire add bites the dust. Who will sabotage my team next week? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z

He's only getting better 

So you're gonna risk missing out on a season long impact maker for 1 game of a guy like Troy Brown?

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17 minutes ago, PlayoffP said:

Loving the stocks tonight so far, good bounce back from some of his recent stock less nights 


Agreed, was worried he'd have a bad night against the Pacers, but he's probably my best player tonight lmao

His confidence is increasing and is looking like a hold the rest of the way

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1 minute ago, DLG10 said:

How well does he play with KAT in lineup?


It's hard to answer that because he wasn't as good when KAT was healthy. He's really flourished recently since he's been given minutes to work up his confidence. Teague is being phased out completely. Now would be the time to grab him. What has kept people from grabbing him have been his percentages, but he's shooting over 50% for over a week now and he's ironing out his issues at the line as well (plus the attempts are so low its really a non factor). 

The defensive stats plus threes are very intriguing, and having him and Melton in my lineup really helps supplement my bigs. I love catalyst guards who can give you 1/1/1 production along with your wings.

If anything, having KAT will only make it easier with better spacing, more cut options where he'll get the ball when he dives from a KAT post up pass or high post pass, and he 's a catch and shoot guy from three, so he'll get more opportunities there as well. I actually think it makes him even more appealing.

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I'm in as well , used my 4th and final add-drop for him. I've been hopping trains left and right , went from Spellman , Michael Porter Jr , to Jarrett in less then a week.  It really sucks because I scooped up MPJ yesterday and wanted to see the kids potential . But Culver is in the safest situation right now with minutes , and Teague leaving is just huge. 



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1 minute ago, Dominator83 said:

I dont understand how Culvers value changes much here. He's already been starting and getting 30+ minutes 

The difference now is simple....he's still Culver, but now he's Culver.........wait for it...................................UNLEASHED!!!!!!!!!!

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Nothing changed. Thinking about Shabazz Napier now. Might add him and drop Teague whose probably in a worse situation with Trae Young playing like 40 mins a night. EDIT: NVM of course Napier was picked up 30 minutes ago.

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4 minutes ago, iowncrazyhair said:

proj ros stats?

Gotta see when Kat returns but I like a few more pts, more in the 17.5 range, I like 1/1/0.5, 3s and stocks, and his rebs around 6 per game which is nice from his multi position eligibility. 

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7 minutes ago, Espoiral said:

Nothing changes IMO. At least you can rest easy knowing his role is secure now.


So something did change .  I think at the very least he'll have a slight uptick in ball handling duties 

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