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Davis is on offer to me as a 3-1 deal (notable FA adds to be scooped up include BroLo, Prince, Rubio, McGee, JoeHarris, TRoss, GHarris, Satoransky, JMurray, FVV, Fournier.....); suffice to say solid FA adds.


i get Davis.

i give (one of the following hauls);

1. Kawhi, Turner, Fox

2. Porz, Myles, Jrue

3. Kawhi, Porz.

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Yes, I agree with @boytoy. I would trade Kawhi and Porzingis. I like the idea of having Fox, Jrue, and Turner paired with AD. Kawhi and Porzingis will be load managed all season. They might try to rest AD, but the Lakers aren't very deep and will need him as much as possible. I think you make an add depending on your team's statistical needs but I like BroLo, JMurray, and FVV in that order. 

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What everyone else is saying. Take the best player, worry about the supporting cast later. The waiver wire will have gems and people will get dropped which will allow you to scoop up. Take AD at all costs. Even if it means Kawhi. I had him last year and he cost me my season due to his load management. Porzi will be no different since coming back from an injury. AD is that number 1 pick. You're trading a 2nd and 3rd rounder for that. Do it!!!!

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