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Rate my team 12-team 9-cat H2H WHIR!!!!

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KAT at 6 is a welcome present. Personally not a big fan of Bam, Isaac and Kelly Oubre but will probably eat my words. PG is a weak spot and something to trade for. Would probably let Isaiah go depending on what WW offers. Feel like Booker doesn't really fit the build - but same could be said of my roster (picked him as well).


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Incredibly impressed with KAT at 6 (seriously, I've seen a few drafts where people pick Joker at 5 or something, and that's actually incredible to steal KAT an extra spot higher, since he can really go #1 in some drafts), and with Collins at 4th round (I had to pick him up at the bottom turn of the 2nd for my own drafts as he's trying to boost his defensive numbers this year).  Kawhi that low is also a smart gamble.

You've got quite a few breakout studs and if I were you, I'd be REALLY excited for the season to start, to check out young guys like Collins, SGA, Bam, and Isaac.

Not a fan of the Powell pick, but otherwise, you did a great job with your punt and drafting. 

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