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Elfrid Payton 2019-2020 Outlook


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My guess is he'll start within the next 2-3 games. He's looking pretty winded on the court though, so he might come off the bench a couple more. But yeah they just won a game with him. Could've been two games if Randle hit the final FT and forced OT last game after Payton drove the comeback. The Knicks would've imploded this game if Ntilikina or DSJ were closing, and lost by like 20-30

Team looks so much better in terms of pace and flow w/ Payton. More focused, intense, smarter, all of the above, etc. Payton still made several missed layups and 5 TOs, but he's always been an a good slasher and always had a good-to-great assist-TO ratio. Should improve on these as the season progresses

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8 hours ago, Eltoro said:

I was wondering why he was being dropped en masse after such a positive game. Really goes to show how much of an effect those blurbs have. 


5 hours ago, JP_Grizzly said:

I think for us who’ve played fantasy for a while now the experience comes in handy. We all know what the lord elf can do and we are just waiting for that opportunity so he can shine again. People who follow the blurbs like a bible will miss on this 

There's also a lot of <10 team league teams, so it wouldn't make much sense to hold onto Elfrid if there are other guys like Griffin or Mitch Robinson on the wire that have the same or greater potential (I can't imagine who'd be on the wire in 8 or 10 team leads, I'm in a 16 teamer)

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We have all the evidence we need at this point. But two more: Payton highest +/- in the game (+19). Knicks first 2-game winning streak of the season

He didn't look as winded this game. Could be starting within 1-2 games if the Knicks have an inkling of rationality

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