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Elfrid Payton 2019-2020 Outlook

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1 minute ago, Flamez said:

I know this is a ac forum question boys but it’s usually only rookies that answer me on there so my apologies for asking this but would you guys drop huerter for Payton 

So u know it's an AC question yet u ask it here?? 🙄 just cuz u apologize ahead of time doesn't make it ok lol

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For the little amount of time he’s been on the court, wow. Stat stuffing like he’s diving into some dime piece pussssy

Favors also anchors you in INJs per game.🤣

Pts league bby

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Man, when you watch Frank play versus Elf, man the difference is huge.  I don't think Frank will ever be a truly functional PG in the league, more like a PG you can put beside a dominate ball handler like Lebron or Luka.  Elf is a true PG, he can run the pick and roll, find open guys or just get to the rim.  He missed a few easy ones today as well, right at the rim.  

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4 minutes ago, Lockdown said:

Frank can play though. Looking like a nice line for Frank this game as well. Feels like a timeshare. 


Those lines are few and far between. I think Elf will eventually take the lion share of those minutes. He's just way more consistent.

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5 hours ago, MuscleChestbrook said:

Frank outplayed him tonight. But Barrett was a**. Hope Frank closes for Barrett instead of making it a timeshare at the PG spot.



I didn't see the game but I wouldn't say 13/5/4 with 4 Steals outplays 10/7/11 with 1 steal. They both had good games and these lines seem to occur way less with Frank than with Elf.

I know Frank is almost 5 years younger, but 25 isn't old and Elf has shown what he is capable of doing. I think the Knicks should just give him the time and the possibility to be the trusted floor general (like a Rondo light) what he can be. Frank has shown nothing yet what would convince me to say "Yes that is the PG of the future for the team"

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