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***JUST DRAFTED*** | 9cat | h2h | 12 teams

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9cat | h2h | 12 teams

Drafted in 9th position.

Am really torn about the outcome and would really appreciate some ratings and input on what to do from here. THX!!! :)

1.    (9)    Joel Embiid (Phi - PF,C)
2.    (16)    Andre Drummond (Det - PF,C)
3.    (33)    Devin Booker (Pho - PG,SG)
4.    (40)    Clint Capela (Hou - PF,C)
5.    (57)    Tobias Harris (Phi - SF,PF)
6.    (64)    Al Horford (Phi - PF,C)
7.    (81)    Ja Morant (Mem - PG)
8.    (88)    Lonzo Ball (NO - PG)
9.    (105)    Andrew Wiggins (Min - SG,SF)
10.    (112)    Gary Harris (Den - SG,SF)
11.    (129)    Goran Dragic (Mia - PG,SG)
12.    (136)    Dennis Schroder (OKC - PG)
13.    (153)    Taurean Prince (Bkn - SF)
14.    (160)    Marcus Morris (NY - SF,PF)
15.    (177)    Kris Dunn (Chi - PG,SG)

End Result:
Ja Morant, Lonzo Ball, Dennis Schroder, Kris Dunn

Devin Booker, Goran Dragic,  Gary Harris

Tobias Harris, Andrew Wiggins, Taurean Prince

Al Horford, Marcus Morris

Joel Embiid, Andre Drummond, Clint Capela

Have a nice day and good luck for the upcoming season!

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Too mucl inefficient guards with big TO numbers... its a real waste for your big guys, i dont think they can balance it out. 

I would do big trades here. Try something like Drummond + Devin Booker for Lillard +1? 
Or package some of your guards for more some efficient like Conley etc.


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- I have no problem going big heavy early in the draft, easiest players to trade as the season goes on

- your pgs Morant and Ball are drag your % way down, I had Dunn for 2 years at the end of my bench, waiting for him to turn it on, too frustrating

- out of the last 4 picks you made, only Prince is worth keeping IMHO

- maybe see who's on the wire, take a flyer on an injured player, KD, Klay, Dipo .... or a Troy Brown, Porter Jr, Shamet


Good luck brother!



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Out of your last 7 picks, I only really like Prince and Gary Harris. I would scavenge the WW and see if there are still better players. Also second that the efficieny of your trio of monster Centers are negated by drafting multiple  baf fg% guards. I would definitely try to flip Lonzo and Ja, which should be easy since PGs are in high demand. 

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