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Who are you drafting at #1 in 9-CAT Leagues? WHIR

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I've currently got the #1 Pick in a deep 18-team H2H League, and wanted to see what the consensus was amongst other people on who they are planning on taking at the #1 spot.


  • I've effectively ruled out AD, as he's averaged only playing 67 or so games per season, and not trying to deal with all that injury stuff.
  • I'm leaning more towards Harden or KAT, but have also heard Curry and Giannis being thrown into the convo as well.


What are you thoughts? And if you know, who are you trying to pair your #1 pick with? WHIR



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Think about your league set up. 18 teams is ALOT of teams.  rosters are not going to be very deep with high value players, making your first pick more valuable and crippling your team if they miss games. Also the more teams, the more viable punting becomes.


There's really not much between the top 5 and all of them can be argued for #1. That's why i think you should take your league settings into account to make the choice.  For me it's between Harden and KAT. As below:

Durability: Harden and KAT are easily the top 2 in this regard.  Curry is not far behind as well as we will be asked to play a lot to fight for seeding.

Punting:  Harden for punt TO, KAT for punt assists (but he still gets good assist for a C).


This year, I'd pick Harden based on positional scarcity in the draft.  There are so many big men in the middle of the draft (especially with goof FT%) that they will pair well with Harden.  eg. T Bryant, JJJ, JV, Adebayo.



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