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Obligatory "Look at my squad!" Post

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10-team, H2h, $200 Auction, 7 Keepers

$42 Paul George (k)
$27 Rudy Gobert (k)
$18 Donovan Mitchell (k)
$5 Danilo Gallinari (k)
$2 Buddy Hield (k)
$1 Malcolm Brogdon (k)
$1 Mitchell Robinson (k)
$25 Kyle Lowry
$21 Tobias Harris
$20 Clint Capela
$16 Mike Conley
$10 TJ Warren
$6 Zach Collins
$0 Kevon Looney (picked up for Evan Fournier [$2])

Punt assist team build. Lowry was a luxury grab when I found I had way more cash than I was going to need halfway in so I overspent on the top point guard left on the board to hedge the punt a little and/or use as trade asset. Definitely need to find some more steals while Paul George is out. I'm currently refreshing Yahoo! every ten minutes waiting for him to get put back on INJ rather than O and watching the guys I wanted to grab fly off the wire (so long, OG Anunoby ... ), so ... infuriated. Hoping for strong starts from a few players so I can package them for a first-rounder. AD and KAT owners looks like they're gonna be bad right away [cracks knuckles] so you can bet I'll be throwing out Capela / Point Guard X / Useful Throw-in packages in a month) and most of my guys cycle out of keeper eligibility this season, so I need to make a trade while guys still think they can compete. Picking up Looney was admittedly excessive, but I think I've got the bandwidth to see if he pops while WCS is injured and not cost myself.

Good luck, folks. Be careful out there.

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