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Marquese Chriss 2019-2020 Outlook

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damn.. I accidentally closed the tab and it erased my write up. Well here we go again. If I took a 22 year old player (born in the same year as Terence Davis), and told you that he's on a te

STRAIGHT NASTY. I've missed out or dropped too early on so many guys this season, I'm just glad I managed to nab him the moment he started after the WCS trade.

I'm watching the game, and Spellman is outplaying him. Spellman is so explosive and can legit shoot the 3. IMO his path to minutes lies in outplaying Spellman, as they practically play the same position (PF/C), as opposed to WCS who is strictly C.

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6 minutes ago, Flamez said:

These numbers are sexy and honestly this dude is only two years younger than towns. He has potential and could actually become a big baller w crazy stocks for us but are we not worried about Kevon looney?

Looney coming for all those minutes 

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Lol Looney is like the boogeyman coming for all the big man fantasy value in GS 😂

I don't have Chriss personally, I opted for Spellman, but yeah, Looney is a legit threat to zap out their fantasy values. His minutes are going to have to come at the expense of people. Kerr loves him and always talks him up. I watched the GSW broadcast earlier, the commentators are eagerly awaiting Looney's arrival for more size. Hopefully we're both happy and he just eats WCS' minutes lol.

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WCS only playing for 22 minutes per game tho... So no minutes there to be eaten. Looney will bump who ever is the back-up C out of rotation. I think he and WCS together are very close to 48 minutes per game... Of course it could be WCS who gets his salad tossed too.

Very interesting situation with 6 bigs and Big Dog Robinson going for all of those SF-PF-C minutes. Seven guys and 144 minutes... It could turn out to be a one hell of a clusterf*** for fantasy owners.

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12 minutes ago, chickennuggets said:

Started the 2nd half and he's closing out the game ahead of WCS. Speculative add? Or possible timeshare?


It's an avoid situation until it gets cleared up. I'm not touching any Warriors or Knicks players with a ten foot pole.

two-three headed timeshares at almost every position isn't fun for fantasy. He's starting the 2nd half today, he'll come off the bench for 15 min another game, you never know with this stuff. Until they actually say here is our steady rotation, instead of a minutes carousel depending on how the coach feels, it's not worth playing fire with. 

You'll get one good line and then 2 boards and 2 assists and a block another day. 



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3 minutes ago, chickennuggets said:

I hear you. Thing is, though, Chriss only needs 20 - 22 mins to return good value in blocks, steals, and peripheral stats. WCS is garbage, Looney is coming back from injury, and Kerr likes what he sees in Chriss. Worth keeping an eye on for sure imo, especially with him starting 2nd half. 


Really depends on league size, this is just one day. If you're in a standard league, you need a few games sample of 20+ min of his production. If you look a page back I'm one of the guys who pushed to add him, but he was getting 20-25 min before Looney came back and put up big lines. He's just as likely to go back to 15 minute games as he is to play 22. You need to see it consistently with Looney and WCS there, or you need WCS to DNP-CD before adding.

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DISREGARD! Already posted... else notice he started the second half last night? WCS subbed in for Chriss halfway through the 3rd. He also played all the minutes down the stretch..high high alert of this guys starts getting 25+ mins a night..he’s shown a very fantasy friendly game in the past..👍🏻

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