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Marquese Chriss 2019-2020 Outlook

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damn.. I accidentally closed the tab and it erased my write up. Well here we go again. If I took a 22 year old player (born in the same year as Terence Davis), and told you that he's on a te

STRAIGHT NASTY. I've missed out or dropped too early on so many guys this season, I'm just glad I managed to nab him the moment he started after the WCS trade.

13 minutes ago, PascalSiakam said:

Stein is just trash, Chriss should start over him for rest of the season, unless Kerr wants to secure the first pick as much as he can.


This is exactly what we want 

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6 hours ago, Trench Mob said:

Already feeling like dropping this dude. Smh.


Just do your job bum ( steals, blocks, and no high volume FT ) and it won't be any issue.



He just posted 12-13-5-1-2 on decent FG%, what are you talking about? 12-10-2-1-3 the game before that, not sure what more you can expect from a wire pickup?

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15 minutes ago, PascalSiakam said:

Hell yeah why not?  

Haha. Thanks for all the responses guys. Added him for tonight. Rooting for Chriss to get me some random blocks.

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5 minutes ago, Trench Mob said:


I think you have the wrong idea. Make no mistake, I don't love this dude lol.

I get it man.. OG is the dude for me this year... i had danny green last year and that clown would perform duds then when i'm about the drop him he pops off... 

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No way. I picked him up back in week 2. Figured he had 4 game week, Green was ruled out for the week, he started the day before, and his opponents were teams that don't play D, including Phoenix (thinking perfect opportunity for a revenge game). What happens? Game #1 he plays 8 minutes, game #2 he gets DNP-CD'd. 


Never again dog. If I'm gonna gamble on a GSW, would rather gamble with Burks 

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2 minutes ago, Lockdown said:

Lol someone fell for this trap again. Someone always does every season 😂 Good thing I’ve learned my lesson already a few seasons ago lol


Meant to call him a b*tch a** too, but in and out of this thread as fast as I can lol.

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