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Which of these wings to stream while I wait for PG13 to return? WHIR

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10-team, 9-cat roto

So by mistake I drafted PG13 in the 2nd round and now I'm stuck until mid-November (or later) till he returns. Luckily I have an IL spot so I'm going to stick him there and wait. In the meantime, looking to pick up a SF/PF who can give me similar stats (scoring, 3s, steals etc.)

Looking through my wire, I have the following options: Taurean Prince, Miles Bridges, Rudy Gay, Will Barton and Jarrett Culver


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I'd say that Bridges and Culver will be easily the best long-term options.

However, since you're looking for those specific cats and only streaming a short term replacement, I'd go for Gay.  You won't need to worry about rest early in the season and he'll give you low-end value until PG returns.  The rest of those players would probably need a bit more patience to produce effectively early on.

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57 minutes ago, dogdays said:

Hope you didn't take PG13 early in the second, around pick 16-20 is fine


Gay is safe, gets you the pts 3s and stls,


I like Prince, but his fg% is 44, depends if you can absorb it

I took him with the 14th pick, and the sad thing it was completely by accident. I was going to take Vuc but for some reason I had no idea I was on the clock and didn't even realize it until I had about 2 seconds left. Pg was the auto-selection and got drafted by the computer lol

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