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Which way should I punt? WHIR

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I am looking for ideas to maximize my roster. I have a strange team and need to figure out the best way to maximize for my roster. Up to now I have been trying to gather talent (I inherited a horrible team with no talent) but now I need a direction. With this roster, what would you focus on punting and what moves would you make?

12 team....H2H Categories- FT%,FG%, 3points made, points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, A/T, Personal Fouls, DD

C- Nicola Jokic, John Collins, Mitch Rob, DeAndre Jordan, Jaren Jackson Jr.

PF- Pascal Siakam, Lauri Markkenan, Robert Williiams

SF- Otto Porter Jr. Taurean Prince, Michael Porter Jr

PG- SGA, Collin Sexton, Landry Shamet,

SG- Thomas Santoransky, Anfernee Simmons, Darius Garland, Seth Curry

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That is certainly a weird team, and yeah, you're definitely weak in assists.  In addition, you've also got players who would hurt your FT% too (DAJ, Mitch Rob, Robert Williams).

I personally think that your league doesn't really work well with a FT% punt team given fouls are a cat for you and AST/TO are another, instead of TOs.  Downside is you're also weak on the Fouls cat due to your bigs being incredibly foul-prone, and AST/TO is similar to TOs, but different in that high TOs are mitigated by high assists (which you don't have many), meaning that assists are actually more valuable in this league, even though most high ast players are also high TO magnets.  

So I think there's three options here:

1.) Punt FT: Trade Joker for Giannis or Gobert/Drummond and depth, trade Pascal or Collins (probably Collins) for Simmons/Luka/Lebron. 

2.) Punt assists: Trade Joker for Embiid/KAT (package players appropriately, as the former is less valuable than Joker, and the latter is more), trade Mitch Rob and DAJ for Myles/Zion.

3.) Punt assists&FT: Trade Joker to trade down for Gobert/Embiid/Drummond and depth.  It's a single, simple move but a very effective one for this strat.

Please bear in mind that your team is ... well, to put it nicely, REALLY difficult to do anything with.  It's made even more difficult because of your league cats.  To simplify your dilemma into "oh yeah, punt this/do this strat" will either mean your team is average, based on your league cats, or will require lots of work to make it into what you want.  I also think you've got a lot of random pieces like Robert Williams, MPJ, and A Simmons who might require patience or just be absolute trash (I'd be checking the FA immediately).  And to cap it all off, you've got a bunch of players who simply don't fit some punt strats.

Trade: Also, I alluded to this before, but you'll need to package players or add/subtract players to maintain value.  I'm just giving you trade suggestions, but it doesn't mean I've created the full trade for you, or that those trades will be necessarily easy to pull off.  You might need to accept a downgrade in value (or you can improve your depth with a 1:2 trade) if it means improving your team via punt.


Anyway, that's all the time I've got, but I hope this helps.

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