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Huge Dynasty League is looking for YOU

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1 minute ago, Rajuncajun said:

This is my first time joining a league on here we’re do I find it.? I have been playing dynasty for about 6 years just not this site can you walk me through I can’t find it. My email is ntenseracingstable@yahoo.com

thanks for inviting me I’m excited.

sorry for inconvenience 

No problem! Just go to fantrax.com and select games, mlb. Under „commissioner“, you’ll find „join league“. Use ID 66sh6lyuk1qrjdup and pw drnalb. That should do it.

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2 minutes ago, Rajuncajun said:

maybe it’s because I’m on my phone I can really see much I don’t see coin on phone but have seen it on computer. I can’t get to computer right know. Can I do it from phone.?

It should work the same way, did it just 2 days ago myself. At the fantrax homepage, you need to tap the arrow at the bottom of your screen. Than you’ll see all the sports. Take MLB. It shows a second screen with smaller symbols of all the sports. Scroll down and there is commissioner. Tap on „join league“. 

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3 minutes ago, Rajuncajun said:

Okay I payed it 

when do we draft and when do we find out what pick we get.?

Cool! Glad you’re in! Just join the groupme-chat (link is on the fantrax league homepage) and you‘ll get a warm welcome and all things you need to know. And there are 2 polls on, please take your time to go thru it and use your vote.

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