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Allen Lazard 2019 Outlook

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55 minutes ago, munde53 said:

I'm not sure what Aaron Rodgers you've been watching but this is flat out wrong in the sense that Rodgers only has one fantasy relevant receiver and all of the others are just pecking for scraps.

Yardage for top two receivers under Rodgers:

2008: 1,012 and 1,292

2009: 1,061 and 1,113

2010: 1,265 and 679 (two other receivers with 500+ yards)

2011: 1,263 and 949

2012: 954, 784 and 745

2013: 1,314 and 817

2014: 1,519 and 1,287

2015: 890 and 829

2016: 1,257 and 997

2017: Hurt for most of the year

2018: 1,386 and 636


So in other words 2010, 2013 and 2018 are the only years in his 11 year career as a starter where there has been a larger than normal discrepancy between his #1 and #2 receiver. He has usually had a player who is a WR1 in terms of fantasy production as well as a WR who is at worst a back end WR2/high end WR3. 

MVS and Allison are garbage. I don't know if Lazard is just another piece of trash but Rogers clearly wants him on the field which is worth something. He's worth a flier in deep leagues.

You’re talking real life. I’m taking fantasy production wise he’s only ever had 1 favorite target every year while the second receiver could be anyone on a weekly basis. He had driver, then Jennings, then Nelson, and now Adams. Yeah the yardage are great for real life but his touchdowns could go to his number 1 or anyone which matters most in fantasy. There’s no consistency to the number 2s or 3s wrs in TD production when it comes to a Rodgers led team besides when he had Driver and Jennings 

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15 hours ago, Cdub2k said:

Speculative add in deep leagues (like my league). I wouldn't bother in standard leagues.

I'd drop my weakest WR for him which is Jacobi Meyers or Danny Amendola.... again this is a deep league. So yeah I'd drop a bum for the kid but if you are in normal leagues you really need to take a close look at the guy you are dropping for him. He is still super young and inexperienced and Rodgers patience is thin. 



Interesting. I'm reading this thinking about if I want to waive Amendola to rent Lazard for the week.

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34 minutes ago, thebadferret said:

I'm looking for a bye week filler and Lazartron sparked my interest.

What is the news on Adams, Allison and MVS?

Definitely not counting on adams-12 to return yet. Geronimo seems very questionable, so Lizard may well be a good one week flier

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1 hour ago, Texansfan said:

All the GB WRs after Adams (who’s hurt) are garbage.  Rodgers advocated for the kid and he came through.  Why wouldn’t you pick him up?  I could easily see him locking up the WR2 spot moving forward.

Agree - not to mention, AJ Green struggled with a turf toe injury last year & what updates on Adams are eerily similar so far.

Given Rodgers' frustration with the rest of the WR corps & his advocating for Lazard to get an opportunity and then capitalize on that opportunity....there's a lot to like here.

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2 minutes ago, DoYourJob said:

Dropped Hardman for him. Might fire up this week against the Raiders

I did the same. I'll let someone else play the KC WR lotto. 

If Kamara doesn't play Sunday I'll have to put Lazard in my flex and I wouldn't be mad about it. I know AROD has vouched for guys in the past but this one felt different. I thought Rodgers was going to kill someone after the 3-4th dropped pass. He's looking for someone to trust. At his size, Lazard could easily be listed as a TE. Potential redzone problem?

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23 years old with elite physical traits.   Rodgers pushed for him to get on the field-  even mentioned that he makes great plays in practice daily.   They need someone to step up in the worst way.    

Could be nothing... or everything


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Just now, liyy1 said:

Picked him up as Adams'  "handcuff". At least I can play one or the either this week.

I'm not wishing it, but I can see single digits this week from Laser Lazard. We always get excited for the #2, which typically equals its namesake 💩, in the GB offense. They get talked up and then fall flat.

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10 minutes ago, FitzMagic said:

I'm not wishing it, but I can see single digits this week from Laser Lazard. We always get excited for the #2, which typically equals its namesake 💩, in the GB offense. They get talked up and then fall flat.

Oh yea, i get sucked in all the time too but this one does feel different. If Adams & Allison remain out, Lazard will see the field a lot. The bye has gutted my WR corps so I am admittedly a little desperate to start someone I know will get opportunities.

For me to start him will depend on whether Adams and/or Allison return because if they're out, Lazard should get a healthy number of targets by default & OAK secondary is nothing to write home about...22nd in the league in pass D. We shall see....i believe injury updates to Adams & Allison will be out today so that should help.

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If you have the room by all means take a flyer on this kid, but in watching the game he didn't really stick out to me as some game changing talent.  Small sample size tho, and if he has the confidence of AR then he could be target #1 with so many receivers injured.   Total lotto ticket till Adams is back.

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watching the game really made me like this guy he was being very physical after every catch fighting for more yardage playing with heart and if Arod is happy with him then I'm happy! definitely picked him up in my leagues especially if your hurting at WR.

who's to say he wont be the wr2 going forward even if D.Adams returns.

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I am skeptical...

But I am thinking about it.  

In the highlights shown above he ran a nice route on the out route.  On the deep route the defender is on him like a blanket.

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