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PJ Washington 2019-2020 Outlook

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May as well move this entire thread to the assistant coach forum  

Put on ur PJs ...we got a super sleeper ova here!

Why go on pornhub when you can look at sexy projections like these.

First time watching CHA, and I do not think you will get consistency on offense from their non-Guards.

Rozier and Graham are just gunners, and do not really facilitate any semblance of an offensive play.

It is like Iverson and Marbury are on the same team but worse, a lot worse, like half their skills worse.

It is very painful to watch.

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This is my favorite forum when I need a laugh just because the comments change from positive to negative so much. People's opinions are everywhere, mainly because 

1) People overreact to a couple good or bad games. I admit I get impatient too. People went nuts after PJ's first game and now everyone is dropping him. Personally, I think holding him or dropping him is reasonable for normal sized leagues depending on your team and who is on the waiver wire. I personally never bought in to him being a top-50 or top-75 guy and still view him as a 100-150ish player if he continues to play a lot.

2) People don't realize that good players in real life are not always as good for fantasy. You can find guys like Brandon Ingram (before this year) or Jaylen Brown who were hyped as good young players in real life with a lot of potential and put up decent stats at first glance. But they were terrible on ranking systems unless punt a category or two for them to be very useful. Before people complain: Yes, I know that PJ has a different statistical profile to Brown/Ingram.


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2 minutes ago, Lifschitz said:

In fact, I’m so confident in his ability and turn around that 75 percent owned Nance is miraculously sitting on my 12 man wire and I refuse to make the switch.

Nance will be absolute gold once Love or Tristan Thompson get a long term injury. 


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