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PJ Washington 2019-2020 Outlook

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May as well move this entire thread to the assistant coach forum  

Put on ur PJs ...we got a super sleeper ova here!

Why go on pornhub when you can look at sexy projections like these.

4 hours ago, RipCity0 said:

can't catch a break this season. it's supposed to be a game and it's not fun anymore.


I hear you. It's across the league though, you look at your opponents teams and you'll find many of them are often missing games, sitting out with tick tack injuries, out for 3-4 weeks, etc. 

Up to now not a single opponent of mine has had all 13 players healthy the entire week. 

I'm missing Washington, FVV, Thomas Bryant, and Vuc (until Sunday) and lost Zach Collins. I consider that a blessing at this point compared to some other people I've seen who have half their roster decimated.

It does make it suck though, but its still possible to stay competitive. One guy in our league owns both Ayton and Collins and is top 2 the entire season.

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5 minutes ago, Extra_Rice said:

Anybody else holding without IR spot? The top 50 upside is too much for me to drop. Currently I'm 2nd on rankings so I think I can hold out.


Also, it's a finger injury so hopefully he can keep his conditioning. Unless they somehow have surgery on it then I don't know

Bagley was out with a thumb and is getting less minutes on his return, so condition can get worse. With PJ its also his shooting hand.

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I am a 100% stock holder. 

But I think yall being a little too dramatic. Nobody drafted PJ, and I mean nobody. So if a guy that you pick up from ww can hurt your team that bad. Hate to be that guy but you guys have bigger problem with your teams than just PJ fractured his finger. 

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43 minutes ago, Spyplane said:

39 pages of mostly anxiety and anger over a guy who most picked up for free off the WW.

Ppl lashing out have s---y teams. If a WW add is source of so much frustration...you need to make some trades and work the rest of your team out lol

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