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6 minutes ago, gooseball said:

He missed a few games with small injuries already. Maybe too early to call him that.

He does show signs of being fragile.

Idk I usually equate "Injury prone" as more regarding countless soft tissue issues like hammy/calf strains etc....the man had his finger broken. Pretty sure any one of our fingers would've broke too under same circumstances. Let's not label the kid just yet. 

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20 minutes ago, laurilegend said:

God damnit.  When did roto drop that update?  I was up late last night scouring the waiver for news and didn't see any and he got scooped up somehow between when I fell asleep and this morning and the update was posted.

Oh shiet... this might cost you championship... (says an owner)

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2 hours ago, laurilegend said:


lol it won't help.  talked to my buddy he said they updated it around 10:30 west coast last night.  So about 30 minutes after I checked, damn.

Hmm, I noticed the update around 9:45 EST (6:45 PST).  The update was way before 1:30 am EST, so it's weird if it wasn't showing for you.  Time stamp on the update is 2 PM EST...so yeah, it should've been there.

If you mean some place you check that aggregates Roto news, perhaps they posted the update late.  In any case it sucks that you weren't able to see the news in time.

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