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Devonte' Graham 2019-2020 Outlook

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It's not that people can't complain, it's that the majority of the posts in this thread over the last 10 pages have been about how Graham is frustrating to own because of his bad FG, all the while ign

it’s ok, knowing you if he has one bad game you’ll drop him and come here and call him a scrub 


It's funny, I was looking at the score throughout the highlights and just said I bet he ends up hitting a barrage of clutch threes at the end, and he did just that.

Every time I tune into their games this year, he's one of the best scorers I've seen in the last 5 minutes of games with a bevy of threes. 

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18 minutes ago, Jin said:

In the beginning of the season, I was bummed that I had to settle for Graham because someone outbid me for PJ.

I tell you, the fantasy gods work in mysterious ways.


I truly feel bad. In the Moritz Wagner thread in preseason, someone asked me if I would rather stash Moritz or Graham, I didn't know much about Graham at the time, and I told them go with Wagner.. LOL

Whoever that was, I am truly deeply sorry.

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I can't wait for NBA to input his stats after this game, I'm interested to see his clutch stats in the 4th with under 5 minutes. He had another game winning shot here technically.

He's starting to remind me of what Arenas was doing during that crazy year where he just kept bombing game tying and game winning threes from ridiculous range.

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