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Devonte' Graham 2019-2020 Outlook

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1 hour ago, Trench Mob said:


At least you have the right bigs to compensate. How far back are you?

Last in FG (currently 45.0%), guys above me are 45.1% and 46.1%.

There’s still time I guess if Vooch starts shooting better and Ayton returns next week. I don’t need to win FG, I just need to stay competitive.

Can’t bench Devonte lately since he’s giving me bulk 3s and assists. I’m #1 in 3PTM because of Devonte and Bertans.

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It's not that people can't complain, it's that the majority of the posts in this thread over the last 10 pages have been about how Graham is frustrating to own because of his bad FG, all the while ign

it’s ok, knowing you if he has one bad game you’ll drop him and come here and call him a scrub 

25 minutes ago, ItzJaBoiSam said:

I have Graham and Rubio on my team and I had .501 FG% this week, 0.492 for the season so far. You guys are not doing a good job at managing your FG% if one guy alone can tank your whole team. FG/.FT% are a team effort.

Oh you can thank Tim hardaway for that too

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As much as I need his stats, I’m excited for this break for him. I think he’s fatigued. The fact that he’s started the last two games strong, but tailed off before the half makes me think he just doesn’t have his legs. He obviously hasn’t lost his touch, he just can’t sustain like he was at the beginning of the year. Hes also on the scouting report thanks to that 40 point game. I think he needs to re-equilibrate. Get some fresh legs, know when to settle for a 2 once and a while. Hes at almost twice as many minutes as he played ALL of last year in 14 less games. He’s essentially a rookie as far as navigating an NBA schedule is concerned. Thrown into 35+ minutes a night had him hitting that wall a lot harder than he would have. My two cents. We’ll see if he can manage to get back on track from an efficiency stand point.

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44 minutes ago, HooLeeFook said:

Is there anywhere that says he is injured?

He came back to play and was just fine. But I think it took him out of his rhythm, and cost us maybe 2 3pms. Just my guess. Not complaining.

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