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Devonte' Graham 2019-2020 Outlook

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It's not that people can't complain, it's that the majority of the posts in this thread over the last 10 pages have been about how Graham is frustrating to own because of his bad FG, all the while ign

it’s ok, knowing you if he has one bad game you’ll drop him and come here and call him a scrub 

23 minutes ago, Fantasyscrub said:

paging the village idiot @RAGINGROOSTER


what are your thoughts on today's DNP 

maybe we can hear your thoughts on tonight’s DNP? 

I’m all ears. What are Fantasyscrub’s thoughts? Instead of poaching an unforeseen DNP, how about provide some of your insight? 


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33 minutes ago, sebapargue said:

stay put

Thanks for the reply. Any reason why? I feel like Fox averages more, but Graham might have a higher ceiling. Powell is red hot but I figure that to go down a bit. But if he can put up around 30 fan points a night it might be worth it. 

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