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Myles Turner 2019-2020 Outlook

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Just dropped Turner for Baynes. Cant put him in IR since Paul George is there. W or L? 

I’m putting 30k on Sabonis’s head , any contract killers out there ?

might try package he and Conley for Dirk or Tim Duncan

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So ... could someone smart chime in here? 

I’ve been away from FBasketball for a few years. Thought drafting this guy would be a good idea ... centers are hard to find, and the blocks are even harder to find.

so what’s the deal? Is it a scheme thing? Bad coaching or a weird rotation? Is Myles just a timid big man that’s afraid to take the next step? 

Any insight is welcome - just trying to figure out what kind of investment I’m into here. 

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24 minutes ago, Bringthesonicsback said:

no insight, just here to say this guy is an absolute bumass

but was he always a bumass? 

... or is this a new thing? Him being a bumass? 

there’s gotta be someone reading this thread, that can drop some Myles Turner knowledge. 

is this a slump? Or is this who he is? 


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