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John Collins 2019-2020 Outlook

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38 minutes ago, Code of Hammurabi said:


They would take one of those guys for salary filler, plus one of Reddish, Huerter, Hunter and/or picks

they'd take reddish and hunter .. they wouldnt need red velvet as they have kennard who quite honestly is better than huerter... 

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Should I try to acquire Jokic? Pretty sure he's not on any PEDs or 'roids right now 

For anyone who wants to be constructive, 25 games gives him a return of December 23.  A Christmas present if you can stick it out. If you have Ayton and Collins, well it was a good season unless

I kid you not. I have Steph, Ayton, Collins, Bagley

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3 hours ago, HLFReborn said:

Ever since Parker had his run as PF with good stats I feel Collins and Parker's good stats are partially due to Trae's existence.  Trae is making bigs play with him look good... the bigs by themselves are not contributing well without Trae.

lol isn’t that the job of a point guard?

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