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Tomas Satoransky 2019-2020 Outlook

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This guy is the king of doing just enough not to get dropped. 

More like jog 

This guy's box scores are a real RNG wonderland. You never know if he's going to put up 4p 4a or 27p 8a.

3 steals? Sure!

Benched for Coby White? Why not!

Banished to G-league? Makes sense!

Eastern conference all-star? OK!

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Somehow I see Sato as one of the most likeliest to stay on my team (12T points). No one will ever trade for him and he is on a s---y Bulls team and has posted some duds, but has still shown flashes brilliance that mirrored his triple dub potential in the last couple years on the Wiz. I haven't been as compelled to drop him after the bad games, and who knows, that may change out of necessity, but right now I'm banking on my end of the bench guy to take me to the gold baby.

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35 minutes ago, csklmf said:

Yeah but it does not mean anything. Usage means everything in fantasy. 
Patty mills, bogdan bogdan, fournier we’re playing like GOAT in FIBA. 

Was wondering. But exactly, the talent is there, the usage isn't.

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As a Bulls fan this guy does just not look comfortable with his role.  He's at risk of losing minutes to Dunn and White, especially when Porter Jr comes back.  I don't see him being an asset for now as anything but a streaming option.

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