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TNF - Chiefs @ Broncos 10/17 Game Day Thread


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4 minutes ago, Proteus said:

When the Dolphins were on Hard Knocks I remember thinking Matt Moore seems like a down to earth kinda guy. But I also thought...he's kinda schlubby and kinda really average seeming and no real killer instinct and...kinda old. Older than his years anyway.


That was 2012.

Keep getting them checks Matt Moore

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6 minutes ago, bomont said:

Just tuned in. WTF on Hill? I know Mahomes is hurt but not even one TARGET to far and away their best player? Has Reid completely forgotten how to coach?  

In Reid’s defense, it’s tricky getting Hill involved while also making sure every RB on the roster feels “loved.”

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3 minutes ago, Sivaro said:

If Mahomes is out for the season.


T Brady is going to get another ring.

He probably was anyway, but...yeah. And once again mostly due to the incompetence of the rest of the league (or other team key injuries), not because they're so great. How many NE staff sold their souls to the devil anyway?

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1 minute ago, ajs723 said:

NFL players almost never go through a season without something bad happening. 


There's no curse, but confirmation bias sure is insane. 

Particularly because the "curse" can include everything from injuries, to off the field issues, to a simple decline in play from someone who was at an MVP type level.

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17 minutes ago, Iron-cock said:

I am not an internet doctor but I don’t think you can just pop a knee back in like a shoulder. 

I have intimate details about dislocated kneecaps (4-Time Sufferer)

-Freshman Year Soccer -- by far the worst pain I've ever felt -- excruciating pain -- kneecap was stuck behind the knee, stretching/straining the ligaments until doctors at the hospital were about to pop it back in after being loaded up on what seemed like every drug (with a little over a month of extensive rehab everyday I was ready for winter basketball season)

-Junior Year Soccer -- Summer Workouts (End of Aug) -- again stuck behind the knee -- made it back towards the end of the season (End of Oct) for it to only pop out (stuck) again. Good Times.

- Junior Year Baseball -- Inside pitch hit directly on the side of my knee and it popped out, but for the first time popped back in instantly (out for about a Week and a half)


Senior year and college baseball - along with the rest of my life - it's thankfully never happened again -- it is however always in the back of my mind.


Sucks for Mahomes -- if no ligament damage probably looking at about 3-4 Weeks (month).

Pray for no ligament damage.

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