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Breida+Diggs for Julio? WHIR

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12-team, 0.5 PPR league. We start 2RB, 3WR, and a flex.

QB: Murray

RB: Kamara, Breida, Damien Williams, Tarik Cohen, Latavius

WR: Diggs, Cooks, Sutton, Gordon, Samuel, Watkins

TE: Kittle


I just traded Breida+Diggs for Julio Jones. Was this a good move? I think it's very good value which is why I didn't think much about it when I proposed it (I didn't think it would be accepted), but now I worry that I just hurt my RB2 spot moving forward.

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I definitely like this move in a vacuum. Sold Diggs high and Brieda part of a committee, granted a prolific committee to date, but still a committee.

Does make you weaker at RB2.

Is Guice available on waivers??? Sounds like he could be back in the next few weeks. Might be worth a dart throw. Especially if you can stash him in an IR slot.

In the meantime, you might be able to pick up a high end handcuff (Mattison, Edmonds, Pollard, Wilkins), you never know.  

Also might try to flip Cooks for an underachieving RB (D. Montgomery; Devin Singletary).

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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