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Time to drop Damian Williams? WHIR

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this is purposely a near identical post to one I posted yesterday only yesterday was about Josh Gordon and I got some great feedback, thank you! Today is about Damian Williams in light of him looking awful last night and then being on a backup QB for at least the next three weeks.  Below is a list of people I could replace them with off waivers


Auden Tate

Darell Henderson

Latavius Murray

Jamaal Williams

Kenyan Drake



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Just now, TommyJoe said:

thanks for your help on mine


i would grab murray right away, then williams, then drake in that order


henderson is interesting only if gurley and brown are both out

Would you drop Damien Williams for them?

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39 minutes ago, Steve Jeltz's Jheri Curl said:

I'd keep Damien Williams over those guys.  You have Zeke, Carson, J.Jacobs so I'd rather stash the best upside guy on my bench.  for me that is still D.Williams in case Mahomes comes back.  Only guy I'd consider there is Jamaal Williams  

agree 100%... if d will is your RB4... i'd wait him out to see how it shakes out in KC... no one in your list has the upside D Will does


see mine please http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/771121-trade-kamara-whir-10022/

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