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Trade Hilton and Matt ryan for Davante Adam's? WHIR

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Guy is offering me Davante for Hilton and Matt Ryan. He needs a QB as his is Baker Mayfield and needs a WR to play.


Im 5-1 and doing this trade will force me to need a waiver wire pick up for this week but will give me Thielan and Adam's as my WRs going forward ROS.


My QB is Lamar Jackson so Matt Ryan has  been eating up a bench spot an insurance policy so far this year 

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I personally wouldn't, now if Adams was healthy and no turf toe issues i'd do this in a heartbeat but I think Adams will be missing more games than the trade is worth. Any chance he could throw you someone else with Adam? If he can maybe id do it otherwise stay put or try a different trade to get a bit more in return.



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1 minute ago, urbank07 said:

I'd stay put as well. I'd try and see if I could trade Jackson with a WR for an upgrade instead of Ryan but that's me personally. You could maybe swing for Nuk with a package like that.




Owner with Nuk has Kyler Murray as a QB so think hes prob pretty happy with what hes got. Kinda the issue really, theres only like 2 teams in the league who have QBs outside of a top 10 so. 

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