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Kendrick Nunn 2019-2020 Outlook

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This years Michael Jordan

Heats scouting department truly deserves a boatload of strippers and coke and a big bonus lmao.   Every year they uncover these absolute hidden gems!

I really think so much of fantasy b-ball opinion is predicated on who guys miss out on in their leagues or who they dropped. There is a psychoanalysis aspect to it where our ego gets in the way and we

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On 12/5/2019 at 12:30 AM, tifaes said:

I have to agree. I think Ill have to drop him, cant hold him much longer. Been trying to trade him for whatever, but no one is interested in him. I would just hate it if after I drop him, he blows up again..

I don’t believe he’ll blow up unless Butler or Winslow gets injured.

He May have the occasional 15-20 point game, but i think he’ll be tinkering between 6-12 points on most nights, and horrible FG%. 

We’ll probably be seeing a lot of 5-for-13 shooting nights. 

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7 minutes ago, Raiiny said:

His line isn't bad today, but considering it's against the Wizards with no Dragic and Winslow, I'm not optimistic. Plus his steals have really dropped off.

yeah for me it’s good enough to hold for now but he’s on the hot seat..

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22 minutes ago, Gile Pile said:

But he did not. I could've been an NBA player

thats not the point of the post, there are stats reflecting deflections in the NBA. Early on when Jrue wasn’t getting a ton of steals, he was leading the league in deflections, then the steals started pouring in.

this is to reflect that the low steal numbers are an aberration. If you’re leading in deflections generally the steals will come around. It’s like tracking line drive rate or pop flies in baseball, allows you to see who has a chance of getting more homeruns.

People were mentioning his steals dropping.

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If only Winslow and Dragic could be out every game...

I fully expected this since I always said, this guy just puts up numbers if there are unhealthy players, especially the two PG's. He's by default their only PG right now lol. Hence the minutes.

The main problem, as always is his numbers with EVERYONE healthy. We already know he can light it up with Dragic and Winslow out. Also with Butler out like the start of the season.

He's a borderline rosterable player when Winslow, Dragic and Butler all play.

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