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Did I mess up drafting Lilliard + Conley instead of Harden? Also, rate my draft WHIR 100%

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Hey guys!  I drafted Lillard for $51 and Conley for $19 in a $200 H2H 12 team auction draft in yahoo and I'm a little peeved because I realized I could have had Harden with that money, who went for $70.  Then I could have picked up Herro or something to fill in the slot.  I've never owned either of these players so wondering how good Lillard actually is in fantasy


Also, rate my overall draft.  I ended up punting blocks because I picked up Lillard and Jokic


Lillard $51

Jokic $59

Ja Morant $10

Kuzma $3 (traded for taurean prince)

TJ Warren $1

Ayton $25

Collins $1

Conley $19

Bledsoe $13

Brandon Clarke $1

Middleton $15

Redick $1

Thybulle $1


NOTE: The reason I'm weak on centers is because somebody in our league decided to get quit and draft every single damn center and block specialist around.  I'm talking he ended up with 8 centers (Gobert, Drummond, Adams, Whiteside, Dwight, Turner, M Robinson, etc)

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Punting blocks but that's pretty much it. Your strengths are steals and assists for sure. I might try to get more points if I were you, but I like the team. 

Knock on wood, but Lillard is nice in that you know what youre getting with him. Also, Blazers are a team fighting for a 6-8 seed in the playoffs so they will be competitive until the end



rate my team pls 


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Agree that you should have gotten Harden but still like your squad. 

Forget about Blocks, good strategy w/ Jokic/Dame led team. 

I really like your $1 picks - TJW, Zach Collins are great gets. Maybe try to get 1 more C from the team that overdid it on the Cs...



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With Clarke and Thybulle, you may not be punting blocks as hard as you think...except against that all C squad. Yes, I would rather have harden at $70, but Lillard and Jokic are a great combo for cat leagues. I would pick up another big man to help out %s and REBS. Maybe someone is hype on Ja and will bite.


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