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$100 12 man H2H cat espn league Tommrow Draft 7pm pst

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Looking for active fantasy basketball managers to join a league from last year that i reactivated. I run another league and i'd like to play one more. Not a lot of drafts at 7pm pst. If you can draft at that time and pay asap with credit only, no echeck. 


Payouts are as follows: Best regular season record $100, Third place $100, second place $200, first place $800


payments done through league safe:


Message me on here if you would like to join or email me at danielmchellapan@gmail.com. Send me your email and i will invite you to the league and league safe. Again be able to pay right away. Thank you!

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10 EST is fine with me. I love an auction league but was hoping to add one more snake draft so I could not be so focused. I have been quite surprised this year at where guys are going. There is clearly a ton of expectation on some of the younger players 1-2 years in to be huge this year. We will see.

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15 minutes ago, Bringthesonicsback said:

joined but waiting to see the confusion w the entry fee amounts sorted out before paying..


I am waiting for the entry fee confusion to be sorted out as well. I suspect commissioner might be unavailable at work at the moment. 

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