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Aaron Gordon 2019-2020 Outlook

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7 minutes ago, CharlesCC2 said:

Surprised nobody is talking about how much this guy is balling.  You guys buying him keeping this up?  Might try to make a move for him before the deadline is up.

losing that dunk contest has really got him going. as a magic fan I would Love for him to keep this up but I would not be surprised one bit if he goes cold and disappears again

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u musta had taco bell for dinner then 

IDK That's an option. Curling would be interesting option

Imagine dunking over 7'6 Taco Fall, then getting a 9 from a WNBA player and the Black Panther

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Like most people i just couldnt drop him all season despite how bad he was. Just cant find bigs that does what he does when hes got it going. This is obviously a lot more than i expected but im cool with it lol. Him and Thaddeus have been pretty big this month for my roster. Anyway, Im just wondering what theyre gonna do for next season because i def dont think Isaac and Gordon compliment each other much.

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