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Did I mess up my draft trying to punt assists with Curry? WHIR


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9-cat, 12-team H2H. Had the #2 pick. Went with Curry and decided to punt assists after how my first 3-4 picks shaped up. This is how my draft went:

#2: Curry

#23: Butler

#26: Gobert

#47: RoCo

#50: Markkanen

#71: Valanciunus

#74:Thomas Bryant

#95: Van Vleet

#98: TJ Warren

#119: Jarrett Allen

#122: OG Anunoby

#143: Taurean Prince

#146: Jerami Grant

Something seems off about it to me. I feel like I'm lacking 3s as well, although I should get a good amount of them from RoCo, Lauri and Van Vleet. I think I'm ok for steals since Jimmy and RoCo are elite in that cat but not sure.


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I don't think your wrong in punting assists with Curry. He's solid from every category, but punting one of them is never bad. He averaged 5.2 assists last year (no world beater), so going in that direction isn't bad. Regarding your 3 pointer's, we all know we can stream them, so if players like Jarrett Allen or OG don't work out you could always stream 3's specifically. I like the Gobert pairing at 26, nice value and his FT% get's offset by Curry's. Overall I think the team is solid. (Maybe) middle of the pack on blocks??? Gobert/Bryant are the only ones I really rely on to get consistent blocks game to game. 

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Im in the same boat. Drafted Curry and the team composition just didnt fit well as I had no more shooters so Im trying to flip him for more balance lol. Convincing myself I need to trade him but its been a struggle 😅


Agree also that Curry is a solid base for most categories, even for a punt assists build. I dont think you need to flip him just yet. He’ll still win you 3s alone when he goes on his extended heaters. Taurean is also a sneaky 2 threes player so thats a big help.


I actually think Lauri is the odd man out since you have a ton of solid traditional bigs and he’s one of the more inefficient ones.


Curry Roco and Butler have you covered in steals. I think all three should be among the leaders in that cat. At a glance I think youre lacking points, as I think you only have your top 2 guys as 20+ scorers. you have a very balanced team and should be competitive in most categories.


Thanks for your input in mine too!



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