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Week 7 MNF - What do you need?

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Up 0.4 you prob have a better chance of losing by benching/stat correction than losing via playing/neg points.

A redraft.........

I need Le'Veon Bell to throw a punch and get thrown out early in the game the same way one of my damn RBs did. Ugh.

Up by 21 in one league and 27 in the other, and in each my opponent has 1 Patriot left. If Edelman stays under 21 and Michel under 27, I'll win both. I'm not one to root against a team(like the Pats) just because they're good, but I will if it it helps my fantasy team, so I'm all Jets tonight (or at least Jets D), lol

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4 minutes ago, daethfromabove1979 said:

Good luck, hope he has a big night, I need Bell to get 7 in the same format.


1 minute ago, Ryansm11 said:

I need 32 out of Bell in PPR. other league I’m up 13.7 against Sony michel 


We're all in this together (against the best defense against RBs in FF, yay!).

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I’m up by 20.45, no players left to go but my opponent has Jamison Crowder and Sony Michel playing tonight.

It’s standard scoring thankfully, so I should have a reasonable chance of pulling out the W, but have this really really bad feeling I’m going to lose out in garbage time.

Although to be fair, my lineup did have David Johnson playing (with Chase Edmonds on the bench no less), so the fact that I even have a chance at all is a small miracle on its own...

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1 minute ago, pastorofmuppets2 said:

for those of y'all that need to ring that Bell tonight, here's how Vegas sees it as of now ...


To Score TD: +110

Receptions: o/u4.5 (both at -115)

Rec. Yds: 35.5 (o -120, u -115)

Rush Yds: o/u56.5 (-115 both ways) 



To score, or not to score, that is the question.

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1 hour ago, Zekepeak86 said:

Needing 15 from the Pats Defense tonight. Their lowest outing this year was 18.4 points against the Jets week 3 and Darnold sat that game so im a bit nervous. Hopefully they can pull through for me.

I need the Pats D not to get over 4.70 points.

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2 minutes ago, Ryansm11 said:

I’m strangely confident about Bell breaking 30+ tonight in PPR. 

That is strange.

I mean, granted, NE has played joke offenses, including week 3 against Falk.  Hypothetically with Darnold this might be the most functional outfit they've gone against.

Still, they've yielded, what, 3 TDs in 6 games?

I'm bracing myself for cup smashing.

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